Posters and Poster Tours
→ Link to Poster Tours I and II
  • Posters should be in portrait format with measurements 98 cm (width) x 180 cm(length).
  • Poster mounting material will be provided in the poster area.
  • Abstracts selected for oral presentation will be presented in the respective workshops (see program). If your abstract was selected for oral presentation you do not need to take part of the poster tour, however, you are asked to bring a poster for discussion during the poster viewing sessions.
  • Poster presentation is scheduled as follows:
  • Friday, March 1, poster viewing during coffee and lunch breaks and guided poster tour I from 13:30-14:45
  • Saturday, March 2, poster viewing during coffee and lunch break and guided poster tour II from 15:20-16:35
  • Poster tour I, Friday, March 1, 13:30 14:45
      Topic I: Preclinical changes in immune-mediated inflammatory disease
      Topic III: T cells activation and regulation
      Topic V: B cells and autoimmunity
      Topic VII: Genetics and epigenetics of rheumatic diseases
      Topic IX: Novel therapeutic targets
  • Poster tour II, Saturday, March 2, 15:20 16:35
      Topic II: Innate immunity
      Topic IV: Metabolism, hormones and autoimmunity
      Topic VI: Microbes and autoimmunity
      Topic VIII: Bone/Cartilage biology
      Topic X: Others
  • Area for poster mounting (rooms Virgo + Leo + Taurus, 3 rd Floor) will be available from 18:45, Thursday, February 28.
  • All abstracts selected for poster presentation must be mounted by Friday, March 1, 08:15 and will be on display until the end of the workshop. Posters should be removed right after the end of the workshop, on Saturday, March 2, 18:30.
  • We ask all presenters to be present by their poster during the guided poster tours and to be prepared to present their poster in the most informative way within 3-5 minutes.